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Maheshwari Starters’ Foundation (MSF) is a Limited Company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 incorporated on 01-07-2016. Maheshwari Starters’ Foundation has been promoted by leading Maheshwari Businessmen, Industrialist and Professionals of Silk and Diamond City, Surat. MSF envisions to be a platform where Maheshwari Entrepreneurs can network, exchange ideas, build new partnerships and business ventures to usher in rapid business growth amongst the community members.

To further the concept of 3C – CONNECT - CREATE – COLLABORATE, Maheshwari Industrialist and Professionals of Surat have joined hands together to achieve socio-economic empowerment by providing a networking platform where New Age Startups or Existing Entrepreneurs dialogue with Resourceful Industrialists who are looking at investments in promising ventures whether they be Startups or Business Expansions or Traditional Enterprises or Mergers and Acquisitions or participating in Auctions.

The object of MSF, inter alia as detailed herein below, will be to safeguard interest of its members. MSF will not carry out any activity on commercial basis. MSF shall utilize all its surpluses for the objects of the institution and prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members.

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