What is MSF?

Maheshwari Starters’ Foundation, MSF is a Private Limited Company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 incorporated on 01-07-2016. Section 8 company is better in management than Charitable Trusts.

History of MSF?

Mahesh Industrial Group, MIG is working in the field of commerce, industry and trade for Maheshwari community since last more than 50 years. Taking clue from MIG, Pune and its event of Bizcon’15 attended by Businessmen from surat (Keshav Bagri, Radheyshyam Rathi, Arvind Soni, Hanuman Jhawar, and others) it was decided, discussed and brought into execution to host bizcon in surat for Maheshwari businesspersons from all around the globe. As a matter of fact for MSF, Bizcon will be means to achieve the goal of providing platform for People with Wealth with People carrying viable Ideas and not an end in itself.

What are the objectives of MSF?

The Objectives of MSF are: CREATE, CONNECT AND COLLABORATE - To be a platform where Maheshwari Entrepreneurs can network, exchange ideas, build new partnerships and business ventures to usher in rapid business growth amongst the community members. A platform for Idea to meet investors. And to provide business referrals to Maheshwari businesspersons. - To provide an objective forum to all individuals engaged in Trade, Industrial and Service related activities to assemble; exchange thoughts and ideas, extend fellowship and enlarge individual perspective. For this to hold Seminars, Conventions & Exhibitions and to invite Industry leaders share their success stories, capex plans, business outlook etc for the benefit of Maheshwari Entrepreneurs and members. This will also create an ecosystem wherein members learn the mindset to invest in groups and live with transparency and without resentment amongst groups of partners, venture capitalists. To provide for institutionalizing of Maheshwari chamber of commerce

What is the legal framework / structure of MSF?

Incorporated as Section 8 company, the promoters have contributed in form of subscription of equity shares of the company. With increased requirement of funds more shares will be issued as and when required. Community members will be joining the forum as members of the group/community with periodical fees as may be decided by the board of directors of the company and executive committee of the company from time to time. The present being annexed herewith.

Is MSF restricted only to Maheshwaris or its open to people from other communities?

Only Maheshwaris can join MSF. Though in the conferences and other activities of the company best available brains will always be sought after. And therefore the entry of people who can best serve towards the objective of the company will not be restricted. MSF will try to promote business interests of its members and that can very much be with people from other community though within the framework and mentality designed in mutual consultations with the stakeholders.

How can I be a part of MSF?

By filling registration form and paying Membership Fees you can be a part of MSF. The fee Structure is mentioned as below: Corporate – Rs 25,000/- Life Members Individual – Rs 25,000/- General Members Individuals (Three Years) – Rs 5,000/-

Is BIZCON a local, regional or national level program?

BIZCON is an international program with participants from all round the globe.

Who all can participate in BIZCON and in what roles?

College Students, Business persons and professionals in service or in practice can participate in the bizcon. All persons who aspire to become entrepreneurs shall attend the conference/conclave.

Can a person, neither being a prospective investor nor one with a business plan, participate in BIZCON?

Participation only will open the mind of such persons. So, it is recommended for all those who are aspiring for becoming entrepreneurs or those who do job as entrepreneurs.

Is BIZCON having a minimum ticket size for investment?

Rs. 1 lac is the minimum ticket size for joining with likeminded people who one can find in conferences or on mobile application MSFSURAT.

Are there any other organizations like MSF?

Surat MSF is supported by MIG(PUNE). Many of its activities will be in common with organizations like JITO, ReferralKey, BRICS, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Venture Funds, Family Trusts etc.

What is the Mobile App name of MSF?

MSFAPP is the name of mobile app of the company in android and IOS is coming soon. The app is yet to be launched. It is under construction.

How will MSF function?

This is a million dollar question. It has just been incorporated and will evolve with time with its own staff and premises in a year or two. The various layers of functioning is as below:
The company will be charging a fee as may be decided by the management from time to time to enable the collaborations of different people. Handbook of Procedures will enable a very smooth development and growth of undertaken projects. Further the company will be accepting willful voluntary contributions from the employers who are able to get manpower through the various processes of the company.

Is it an NGO or Social Net working Platform or Referral group or multi level marketing group?

None of the above. It is a Business Platform to join hands with like minded people. Its activities will help entrepreneurs identify and pick right minded people who are hungry for growth.

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