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To be a platform where Maheshwari Entrepreneurs can network, exchange ideas, build new partnerships and business ventures to usher in rapid business growth amongst the community members.

To provide an objective forum to all individuals engaged in Trade, Industrial and Service related activities to assemble; exchange thoughts and ideas, extend fellowship and enlarge individual perspective. For this to hold Seminars, Conventions & Exhibitions and to invite Industry leaders share their success stories, capex plans, business outlook etc for the benefit of Maheshwari Entrepreneurs and members. This will also create an ecosystem wherein members learn the mindset to invest in groups and live with transparency and without resentment amongst groups of partners, venture capitalists.

To impart value based education to the members of MSF for achieving better opportunities in their respective business fields.

To undertake such activities which would foster inclusive development of the industry, trade, commerce and service sectors in the South Gujarat as well as in the country for benefit of public at large and Maheshwari people in particular.


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